Welcome to one of North Atlanta's most inspiring and talented in-home vocal recording and post-production studios! To put it simply, we nurture creativity while providing the tools and skills to maximize your performance and make your next song a success!

We provide vocal recording & mixing for artists looking for a great atmosphere to track their lyrics.

Ideal for those who want to record their own song, a remix, or a cover song over a pre-recorded instrumental beat (music). ATL Sound Studio can help elevate your performance to professional level by offering a variety of vocal plugins including various reverbs, delays, EQ modules and effects to help enhance your vocal performance to today's cutting-edge sounds.

While we excel in Hip Hop vocal recording and mixing, we also work with a wide variety of vocalists from R&B/soul to pop to jazz to contemporary, and even voiceover for commercials...
Basically, we can accommodate most any style vocalist.

* Sound engineer + 1 CD per artist included in pricing! *

We provide digital mixing for artists & musicians looking to get the right balance on their songs.

Ideal for those who have their song(s) tracked out and want the instruments and/or vocals to, well, mix! Mixing your song(s) is an important step to bring each instrument and/or vocal track to the appropriate levels (volume, pan, EQ, etc) and blend together in a more refined harmony.

We've got the software and the expertise to bring the best out of your sound to make it more brilliant and captivating! *Please note: separated .wav files (instruments and/or voices) required.

* Sound engineer + 1 CD per artist included in pricing! *

We provide basic digital audio mastering services. Discount available on tracks recorded/mixed here.

Ideal for those who want to make their song/album sound it's absolute best - to put the extra polish on it and give it a more robust and exciting quality of sound!

Song mastering is the final step (post-production) to making your music ready for digital download, CD duplication, web distribution, or just to share on your favorite social network.

*This service is on the song(s) as a whole, only minor repairs can be done to damaged audio.

Click here to learn more about our mastering process.

File delivery is commonly managed by one of the following online file sharing services:


LISTEN - Samples of Audio (pre/post-Mastering)
>>> Actual audio mastered at ATL Sound Studio

Listen to the differences between an
Un-Mastered Song and a Mastered Song

>> Note: Mastering effects kick in 15 seconds into each example <<

Tracks by Josh Yoon are from his album "MEMO" (available on iTunes) and were mastered at ATL Sound Studio in 2013.

Tracks by Ty Legacy are from the upcoming album "PHNX" and were recorded, mixed, and mastered at ATL Sound Studio in 2013.

Tracks by Paul William are from "Chasing a Dream" and are currently available on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon and was recorded, mixed, and mastered at ATL Sound Studio in 2012.

Tracks by TMNY are from "The Reign" project and were recorded, mixed, and mastered at ATL Sound Studio in 2011.

Give your songs(s) a BIG sound for a SMALL price!

"Mastering is what makes a Good song sound GREAT!"

We use up to 6 key tools to make your songs sound their best:

The software we use for mastering is Avid Pro Tools in conjunction with iZotope Ozone.

Our process for basic mastering is pretty straight forward and is be done without your presence needed. The music to be mastered should be in stereo audio format and can be delivered to us by hand on CD or USB drive, or delivered online via the upload service of your choice (or by email).

Once audio is received, the process will go in this order:

The Process:

  1. Send us your song(s) using an online file sharing program like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive (if you have a gmail account).
  2. All audio is evaluated for opportunities to improve each song. (Please provide any notes or special requests for songs in addition to any reference songs or album for mastering comparison)
  3. Next, we will work our magic using the tools necessary to bring your songs to their fullest potential. (Please keep in mind that we can only work with what audio you've provided us and that some errors may be unrepairable, such as distortion or skips)
  4. Then we will send you three mp3 mastered samples (30-60 second clips of your songs) - and you decide the mastering version that you like the most!.
  5. Once decided, we will start the work to create the mastered .mp3 and .wav files for each song at 44.1 khz sample rate, 16 bit sample size and the channel set to stereo (the standard format if you are planning to upload the song(s) to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc).
  6. We will send an invoice via PayPal (so you know your payment will be handled safe & securely).
  7. Once payment is made and confirmed, the mastered songs will be delivered within 24 hours if delivering online.

For most of us, our music is our baby... make sure it sounds it's best before you deliver it to the world to hear! Be sure to contact us to get started today!